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'Advent' with Alison Milbank

Dr Alison Milbank discusses the period running up to Christmas - known to Christians as 'Advent' - and what this time means to them, and how it is celebrated.

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Dr Karen Kilby, a leading Christian theologian, looks at the mystery of the incarnation: the birth of Jesus. This is the event that Christians recall each year when they celebrate Christmas.

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Christmas in Orthodoxy

Dr Mary Cunningham, an expert on Orthodox Christianity, discusses the significance of Christmas, how Orthodox believers prepare for it, and how they celebrate it.

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The Christmas Crib

The crib is a familiar scene at Christmas time - seen as a set to statues, as an image of Christmas Cards, and acted out in Nativity Plays. However, looking at how the scene was built up over centuries shows how theology interacts with history.

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The Icon of Christmas

For western Christians the nativity scene, well known from Nativity Plays, conveys a theology of Christmas. Among Eastern Christians a different image - the Icon of the Nativity - is used; and it provides a different theology of the birth of Jesus.

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Epiphany by Mary Cunningham

This feast falls on 'the twelfth day of Christmas' (January 6) and celebrates the visit of the 'wise men' to Bethlehem for Western Christians; in the east it is called the 'theophany' and celebrated God becoming manifest to believers in Jesus.​​